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After 17 years of moving my wedding guest book from house to house in the same box of unused items, I finally threw out out. I didn’t even open it. I honestly don’t think I ever have. Wouldn’t it be great to have a guest book that has special meaning to you, instead of just a plain white book with a list of names?

Fortunately times have changed, and artistic options are available. One of our most popular products in the last year has been the Guest Book from the engagement session.  I much prefer this option over a traditional guest book or a signature mat.   The main purposes of a mat is to provide white space around an image and put the focus on the photo.  Signatures take away away that impact and it is difficult to evenly space the signatures on a mat so that it looks nice.

Tips for getting the most from your guest book:

  1. Only use the pens that we provide. We have tested several pens and the one that works best by far is the Slick Writer from American American Crafts. I got my last batch from 123stitch.com
  2. Take your book to the rehearsal dinner and have your wedding party and family sign it then.
  3. Have a guest book attendant that can be responsible to getting the signatures, making sure the guests use the correct pen, and keeping it safe.
  4. Don’t allow the book to be placed on a table with food and drink.
Guest Signature Book Louisville (1)



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