WPPI – Back from Las Vegas and Ready to Go

I’m finally back from the Wedding and Portrait Photographers International Convention (WPPI).  It is held every year in Las Vegas, NV and this was my first time attending.  The experience was completely overwhelming, and I met some of the most amazing people.  The convention consisted of platform speakers, including the most well known photographers in the world, and a trade show so large I didn’t even see everything.  The speakers were very inspirational and I have so many new ideas that I can’t wait to get back to work.  Just as helpful though, was meeting other photographers from all across the country.  Apparently I have a strong southern accent, because almost every person I met immediately asked “Where are you from?” or tried to guess.  To those who met me but didn’t ask, I’m from KENTUCKY (not Alabama…get it straight).

A very big change that I’ve already implemented is new online studio management sofware.  This will help me be better communicate with my clients and track projects.  It integrates seamlessly with my website.  For all you photogs out there, if you’re not using ShootQ, check it out!  I couldn’t be any more excited about this year’s weddings and portraits.  Each year has brought better images, products, and service, but this is truly going to be the breakout year.  Thanks to all the people who made the trip so rewarding, especially Liz Sanford, Caroline Mayott, Leah Hoskins, and Deanna and Eric Delbridge.

If you would like to talk to us about a wedding or portraits we would love to hear from you.  Contact us or call 502.387.6295

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Winter Bridal Portraits “Trash the Dress” Session

I couldn’t let the beautiful snow and ice that blanked Kentucky go without a few pictures (after all, I had nothing better to do with no power), so Sheena agreed to brave the cold and indulge me in a “Trash the Dress” session.  We had a blast, got some great photos, and hardly even got the dress dirty!  Sheena was such a trooper, never once complaining about the cold, although I did quite often…

I posted a few of the images from this session on Facebook last week, but here are all of the final images.  I was the wedding photographer for Sheena’s first wedding to Josh in December ’07, and will be photographing their second wedding this summer.  Josh is in the military and was deployed before their big wedding date that was planned for 2008.  So they had a small, beautiful ceremony to tie the knot before he left for Iraq.  Josh will be coming home to his bride in about a week!  These happy newlyweds will get the big wedding day they deserve in July 2009.

Kudos to Sheena, and also my assistant Lindsey.










My assistant, Lindsey Howell, helping me test the lighting.

My assistant, Lindsey Howell, helping me test the lighting.










We had a time getting back down this hill!  Photo taken by Lindsey Howell

We had a time getting back down this hill! Photo taken by Lindsey Howell



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