Natalie + Steven {the wedding photos}

It was just one month before her wedding to Stephen that Natalie found out she was going to be without a wedding photographer. Like so many brides in the Louisville area, Natalie had booked a local photographer with a great portfolio, price, and reputation…who unexpectedly packed his bags and left the city to avoid criminal charges. She only found out that he left town from a friend who had seen a story about it on the local news. I had received inquiries from many of these brides, but I was already booked for those dates. I was fortunately available for Natalie’s wedding on the 6th of June, and through a crazy sequence of events, our first client meeting was featured on the Wave3 News. I was MUCH more nervous than Natalie. She had told her story so many times, she didn’t seem worried at all. I, on the other hand, was a total basket case for the entire day before the interview. Being much more comfortable the other side of the camera, I wasn’t able to finally relax until after the broadcast that evening, when I could see that I didn’t make a complete fool of myself. When I get nervous I tend to ramble, and my distinguishable Louisville accent becomes obvious, y’all. I must say it went better than expected, and Natalie of course looked like a pro.  You can see the interview at the end of this post.

The wedding day was beautiful and went off without a hitch. Natalie was gorgeous, and a girl after my own heart, wore Sketcher’s down the isle. (My friends and family might remember the tennis shoes with lace shoestrings I wore on my own wedding day.)  I love a bride who can be herself on her wedding day!



Didn’t Natalie look beautiful?




I loved the look on Stephen’s face when he saw Natalie coming down the isle.



And again the shoes…


The cake,  decorations, and lighting at the reception were fabulous.


Brides, always make sure the groom goes first so he can’t retaliate.  Nice job, Natalie!




This day was filled with emotion and the father-daughter dance was no exception.


Here is the Wave3 News Interview:

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Alex’s First Motorbike Ride

My nephew Alex came  over Friday to play with Uncle Mark.  He seemed to really enjoy himself.  Alex had a great time too.

Alexs first bike ride

Alex's first bike ride

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