What’s on my PC?

My computer has risen back from the dead, hopefully better and faster than before. After some new memory and a clean install of Vista (Yes, I am scared of Windows 7), I should be up and running in a few days. While doing a clean install is worse than a root canal, and maybe even childbirth, I’m kind of looking forward to a fresh start…a good time to reevaluate my workflow, file structure, and backup plan.

Here is a list of my software and what I use it for (updated as added).

Day 1

  • Trend Micro Internet Security Suite – Virus Scan
  • mSecure, mBackup – Desktop version of iPhone password app. Awesome app, highly recommend
  • Photoshop CS4 – Of course
  • Lightroom – If I could only use one piece of software it would be this.
  • InDesign CS4 – Hands down the best software for album design, and I’ve tried a bunch. Much better than CS3 version for albums.
  • Snagit – Screen Capture Software
  • Mozilla Thunderbird – Email client.  Can have multiple email accounts and lots of great features and extensions.
  • FileZilla – FTP Software
  • Wacom Intuos3 Drivers – Couldn’t live without my tablet. Lost the pen once and immediately bought another one for $80 (then found it, of course)
  • A.F.5 Rename Files http://www.fauland.com/af5.htm  Has renaming features not available in Lightroom. And, unlike Lightroom, has an UNDO feature.

Day 2

  • SyncPackPro – File Backup to external drive, backup originals to DVD (with disk spanning)
  • StudioCloud – Nice, clean, studio management software.  I’ve been using ShootQ for over year, but I think I’m going to make the switch to StudioCloud with CloudBoost.  I’m all about clean and fast.
  • Google Toolbar – I heart all things Google.  My iPhone calendar and contacts are set to my Google account.  Google Docs are very convenient also, and I can get to them from the Google App on my iPhone.  Bing go away.
  • iTunes – A necessary evil for my iPhone.  The most manupulating, narcissistic piece of software ever.  One day I will get around to finding a better alternative.
  • Expression Media – Cataloging software that can and drag-n-drop (unlike Lightroom).  I use this for organizing albums and dropping images into Indesign. 
  • Installed 3 internal hard drives: Archive, Backup, and the previous boot disk from my PC.  To bad vista didn’t want to give me access to any of my important files, despite changing every user and security setting I could find.  Luckily I came across this little gem that works fabulously for taking ownership of files that don’t want to give it up: Take_Ownership.reg

Day 3

  • Logitech G15 Programmable Keyboard Software.
  • AutoHotKey – Utility for making keyboard macros  http://ahkscript.org/download/
  • Gordon McKinney’s AutoHotKey Script for Lightroom – Adds keyboard functionality to Lightroom, when combined with the Logitec G15 (or G11), it’s the poor photographers RPG Keys alternative  http://night-ray.blogspot.com/2008/07/lightroom-2x-quick-develope-kb.html 

Day 4.  The Home Stretch

  • Microsoft Office 2003.  Yes, I tried 2007 for over a year and never could make myself like it, so it’s back to what works for me.
  • Copied over all my Adobe preferences, presets, actions, etc.


Here is what I forgot the first time around:

  • Portraiture and Noiseware
  • SmugMug Plugin for Lightroom
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Sarah + Matt {The Wedding}

Sarah and Matt were married yesterday at The Olmstead. We were hoping for sunny skies, but at least it wasn’t snowing! The beautiful flowers and spring colors made everyone forget it was still winter outside. Sarah was even more beautiful than I expected, and she and Matt made a fabulous couple. Even though it was my first wedding for 2010, I’m sure this will prove to be one of the more memorable weddings; from the fire alarm during the processional, to the entertainment by Matt and his mother on the dance floor, to me knocking over my lightstand and splattering batteries during the father/daughter dance (not one of my finer moments, luckily there are no pictures of that…I hope). Enjoy the preview of a few of my favorites from the day. There will be more to come later, so check back next week!

Louisville Wedding Photographer Tammy Howell Bridal Portrait

Wedding Photography Bride and Groom Portrait

fun Wedding Party Picture

Bride with Mother

Groomsmen The Olmstead Wedding Louisville

Groom Portrait Louisville Wedding Photography

Louisville Wedding Photographer Tammy Howell

Cake Detail Shot at The Olmstead Wedding in Louisville

Wedding Ceremony Photography Candle lighting

Louisville Wedding Photographer Tammy Howell

Wedding Reception Dance Pictures

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