How to Watch creativeLIVE and other Videos on an iPad without iTunes

I watch a lot of educational videos on my iPad, especially the ones I purchase from creativeLIVE.  To be able to watch them offline, I download them to my iPad and use an app called Buzz Player to play them.  I always forget how I do it, so I made myself some notes and thought I would share them here.  To get them to my iPad, first I upload them to my web host via FTP and the connect to it with Buzz Player to download.  There are also ways to connect through your network but I wasn’t smart enough to get that to work.

The First step is to create a folder for your downloaded videos.  Then select the FTP icon to add your FTP site.  (The icons looks different since I took these screenshots.  Sorry ’bout that.)  You will only have to add your site once and it will remember the settings.



Click the “+,” enter your server information, and click “Add”



All of your folders should show up in the right side panel.  Navigate to the folder with your videos.


If the site is not connected, click on the site name under “Shares.”  Click the arrow in the box to get the action dialog box.  Select “Copy All Files to Device” and pick the appropriate folder.  Click the down arrow in the bottom left corner to monitor the downloads.



Happy video watching!

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