Photo App Instructions

Your personal mobile app has been created. If you have an Apple, Android, or Windows phone or tablet you can view your favorite pictures from the photo session, on your own app.  You can also view them on a computer.

To install on your phone/tablet home screen:

Images will be downloaded to your device and will be available for viewing offline. Accessing the album for the first time over Wi-fi is recommended.  Instructions for adding an icon to your home screen should pop-up.  The following browsers are recommended for the best compatibility.
– Apple: Safari
– Android: Chrome
– Windows: Internet Explorer

Once you’ve installed and viewed the entire album, your images will be viewable anytime with or without network connection.

Sharing and Downloading Images

Your app can be shared with family and friends using the share icon.  You can also share or download an individual image with the share arrow above the picture.  I would love for you to tag me in your online post (@tammyhowell)


 These images are for sharing online only and are not to be printed.  Do not modify the images in any way including cropping or adding filters.  If you need an image cropped square for Instagram, please contact me and I will be happy to add square images to your app.

App Updates

If we make any changes to your app, they should be available withing 10 minutes.  If your app does not automatically update, you may need to clear the cache for your browser.  This can usually be found in the settings menu for you browser.


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